Welcome to the Club

We are currently in the quarter starting December 31, 2023 and we will remind you of your next membership billing before the next quarter which begins on April 1, 2024



Stay Tuned for More Emails

As an inagural member we will be sending more information about the club. You are a very special bunch, among the very beginning of our journey with a new wine club. Once we know the next four wines (for pickup end of March) you will be the first to know the lineup. You can expect however something new, something old, something borrowed, and something cru.


We Want YOU to be our SOMM

We will be sending tasting feedback forms for new and unreleased wines so you, our most loyal patrons, can shape the tasting notes for our wines. We will quote and pour our royalties!



Learn More About the Club

Well you probably didn’t buy in without having some idea what you were getting yourself in to. But if you have questions, did you see the little FAQ section about the club? Read up here.


Check out the Current Menu

Though you may be getting something special and new, you should check out the latest and greatest items on our current menu. Remember, you get 10% off all purchases in the tasting room.