About the Something Old Wines in Q2

Wines Available:
• 10 Prologue Meritage (2015)

• 1 Sibling Rivalry Meritage (2015)

• 3 Birthday Suit Chardonnay (2015)

• 2 Lightning in Bottle Meritage (2016)

• 10 “First” First Harvest Petit Manseng (2017)

• 10 Original Steel Magnolia Chardonnay (2017)

• 3 Leap Cabernet Franc (2017)

• 5 Tenacity Petit Verdot (2017)

• 5 Smitten Petit Manseng (2018)

How’s it gunna work?
Some of these very special library wines have been off menu for many years and we are excited to share with you, our biggest fans! Because we don’t have enough of any one wine we will be taking all the wines listed to the left and brown bagging them before blindly adding them to pickup bags which will then be randomly assigned to members with tags. To keep things fair there will be no peaking!

Added Details:
• No swapping out your wine for another library wine (but you are welcome to select a wine from our current menu).

• Due to the random nature we can’t assure a red vs. white wine but all are very tasty and rare!

• If you are sad you didn’t get a particular wine, we will be launching our members-only wine list with bottles from the library to enjoy on site.

Good Luck!